More Rain Getting in the Way

Tuesday October 2nd 2018

The rain last night started heavy, but continued at the nuisance level most of the night into the morning. Steady rain of any level becomes white noise on the roof, but off and on rain or mist just builds up in the leaves of the overhead trees and drips onto the roof. The random loud sounds the drips on the roof produce makes it very difficult to ignore. I didn’t sleep well last night.


The black area in the middle of this picture is ground up paving from road surfaces under repair. The campground staff used it to fill a large muddy puddle in front of my campsite. They came back later with two more golf cart size loads to fill in the rest of the wet area. I hope tonight’s rain doesn’t wash away their work.

Most of the afternoon was rain free. It never cleared off or even threatened to allow the sun to lighten things up. Any hope of going for a bicycle ride was long gone. Instead I took care of one of life’s necessities. I went grocery shopping. I still had the bicycle on the back of the SUV which blocks access to the back. I had to load the back seat area with all of my purchases. My purchases continue to be a little more extensive than normal. I’m taking advantage of being back in my old home region to stock up on old favorites that aren’t available in other areas. I stumbled on one regional difference that I hadn’t thought about today. The Walmart I was shopping in had mostly brown eggs for sale instead of their usual white eggs. An egg is an egg, but my childhood was full of brown eggs. White eggs were only for decorating at Easter time.

It is raining steadily again tonight. Hopefully, it will stop completely or continue to rain at full strength all over night. I don’t really want to wake up to the sound of “pings” on the roof. Once the front passes through a couple of nice drier days are in the forecast. Today’s temperature was around seventy. Hopefully that will continue too.

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