Travel Day to Middleboro MA

Sunday September 30th

Today was moving day. I was up early since my neighbor’s young boys don’t know the meaning of quiet hours. They were up talking to each other and their parents at a volume that a fire and brimstone preacher only dreams about shortly after seven this morning. I had plenty of time to prepare for my planned noon departure. I actually left early around 11:30AM.


My site, number 263, for the next two weeks at the Boston-Cape Cod KOA in Middleboro MA.

When I got hooked up and tested my spliced electrical connection to the towed car, I was missing the left directional signal and the tail lights. I decided that would have to do, since any attempt to fix it better stood a very good chance of losing what I already had. As it turns out I didn’t have any lights on the towed car by the time I finished my journey. While it’s not the safest thing and would warrant a ticket if I got stopped, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Unlike a trailer that blocks all of the lights on the back of the towed vehicle the motorhome lights are all visible around and above the closely following towed car. I need to order a new cable before I move on in two weeks.

My concerns about Patriots game traffic were not realized. The exit from the interstate for the stadium was empty when I passed by half an hour before the game. The biggest traffic issue was at the Interstate 290 interchange with Interstate 495. The traffic heading west toward Worcester and points beyond had the south bound lanes of I-495 crawling for a couple of miles. I arrived at the Boston-Cape Cod KOA in Middleboro MA just before 1PM.

I’ve stayed at this campground many times over the years. They have been improving the facilities over the last few years. It has around 250 sites with perhaps half filled when I arrived this afternoon. I think many of the trailers will be empty during the week. As the afternoon went on people were buttoning up their outdoor furniture and leaving. Many campgrounds run specials in the fall that allow people to leave their RVs on the site for use on the weekends for a fixed price.


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