Getting Ready to Travel

Saturday September 29th 2018

It was a beautiful fall day with high temperatures in the mid to upper sixties. The heavily wooded area here in the campground hides the day’s characteristics well. It stays dark later in the morning and gets dark earlier in the evening. When you leave the park you find a much brighter day.


Today’s surprise from the wet ground.

I spent most of the day working on tasks that I need to accomplish before I move tomorrow. I’ve been here two weeks, but between the rain and trips to southern New Hampshire it seems a lot shorter. On the other hand, the amount of stuff I’ve gotten out of cabinets and not put away looks more like I’ve been here for two months.

I have a noon check out time to meet tomorrow. That’s normally plenty of time, but I have to test my spliced electric connection between the motor home and towed car once I get everything hooked up. I really should have just ordered a new cable as soon as I got here, but I thought it would be easy to splice. What I’ve been able to accomplish is only going to be temporary. I have to order a new cable.

I’ll be leaving as close to the noon check out as possible. My travel route takes me through all of the traffic heading for the Patriots football game. If I leave at noon, most of the people should already be in the stadium for the 1PM game when I get into the Foxborough area. Overall, I’m only traveling about seventy miles. I’ll be there for another two weeks. It means a little more travel to get to some of the areas I want to visit while here, but closer to some of the areas I really enjoy being a tourist.


One of the flower beds that didn’t get impacted by all of the rain over the last couple of weeks.

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