Maintenance Tasks on a Rainy Day

Friday September 28th 2018

There may have been an occasional light shower during the night, but the real rain began at the breakfast hour. It continued at various intensities until early afternoon. From the TV reports it appears the bulk of the storm passed to the south of this location. Today’s temperature barely made it into the sixties.


This little creature was making enough noise to wake the dead. Something must of had it spooked.

I didn’t do anything exciting today. Mostly I worked on little maintenance tasks like the splice to the electric cord that connects the motorhome and the towed car. It’s one of those do a little bit and put it aside kind of tasks. It will be finished tomorrow so I can use it on Sunday which is moving day.

One expected task was putting air in the car tires. When I went to run an errand the tire pressure warning light came on as I was leaving the campground. I returned to my campsite to use the compressor to top off the tires. It took a little longer than expected because the last rain shower of the day decided to open up right about that time. After the rain stopped it only took a few minutes to top off the tire pressure. It is probably another indicator of cooler temperatures, but I’ll watch to see if I have a leak.

More people left the park this morning than I expected, but the campground is now full for the weekend. A steady flow of arrivals started midway through the afternoon. The arrivals even included one of the European tour groups in the red buses with built in sleepers and outdoor kitchens. I see one of two of these units every year usually with German tourists.


The wet weather has brought a lot of ground fungus.

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