The Day Between the Rain

Thursday September 27th 2018

Last nights line of thunderstorms in the area cooled and dried out the atmosphere. It was a nice cool partly cloudy day. Tomorrow the weather roller coaster is forecast to be back to rain. A flash flood watch has been issued for the area.


A “little” fall color.

One positive result of the cooler rainy weather is the foliage starting to turn. When I’ve been out the last couple of days, I’ve seen trees starting to show some color. It is primarily the trees in the swampy areas that are starting to turn dull red. Some years I’ve seen this level of change in August. The foliage forecasts say the peak will be more than two weeks late this year. It may start to turn faster now that the cooler weather seems to have settled in. I also think bright colors may not happen this year.

The campground really emptied out this morning. When I walked around at mid day there were only three RVs in my section of the campground. Other areas had a few more occupied sites, but overall it looked very empty. In the early afternoon new residents started to arrive. Many of the new arrivals have local plates so they are probably here for the weekend. I only saw a few empty sites on my evening walk around the park. A few of the new arrivals didn’t fully setup so they are likely just overnight guests. That will leave room for tomorrows arrivals.

All of the nice baskets of flower blossoms I was enjoying and taking pictures of last week look pretty sad now. We haven’t had a frost yet, but I think they’ve been flooded out by the rain. Even the pool that was half empty and covered last week is now covered with more water above the cover than under it. The excessive amount of rain this month still doesn’t compare with the rain in the Mid Atlantic states, but it is having an impact in this area too.



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