A Brief Return to Summer Temperatures

Wednesday September 26th 2018

Yesterday’s heavy rain ended with the day. During the night only an occasional light shower fell. In the morning it was warm and humid with some low level clouds and an occasional sprinkle. The sun started breaking through the clouds off and on starting in the mid morning. The temperature peaked in the eighties. It was a one day return to summer weather. A line of storms is passing through the area tonight ushering in a return to cooler temperatures.


Blue sky through the trees and clouds after yesterday’s storm..

I went back to familiar ground in southern New Hampshire and got a long over due haircut this afternoon. I’ve needed a hair cut for a couple of months now but haven’t found a good place during any of my longer stops. It has been a long time since my hair was as long as it got this time. I try to use one of the national franchise chains. The similarity resulting from the franchise provides a level of comfort and confidence in the end result.

When I got back to the campground this afternoon there were a lot of open sites. Today’s travelers arrived later than during the past few days. They were still arriving as night arrived and many looked like they weren’t staying more than overnight. When they don’t unhook the trailer from the tow vehicle, it is usually a sign of an overnight stay.

This campground has some narrow roads and some tight corners. The staff escorts everyone to their site to make sure they can navigate the campground. This afternoon I watched one arrival with a fifth wheel trailer have difficulty backing into their site. The site has accommodated similar and bigger units during my stay here. For some reason this driver had a great deal of difficulty getting backed in. What was surprising to me is how calm the driver remained. He got out looked around at all the terrain and calmly talked with his copilot then tried again. I suspect one of his issues was the slight up hill slope and loose gravel. He may not of had enough truck for the situation. I didn’t watch the whole time, but it took the entire twenty minutes I was cooking supper for him to get settled. They didn’t unhook so they will probably be leaving in the morning. That’s just one of the little things that entertain me. It isn’t nearly as entertaining when I’m the one having a hard time backing into a site.

As I’ve been writing this blog entry the forecast evening line of storms has arrived. The sound of thunder and the rain on the roof is making it hard to hear the TV. Hopefully it will end before I go to bed.


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