A Full Day of Rain

Tuesday September 25th 2018

It wasn’t a very exciting day, so this blog entry is going to be on my thoughts on the weather’s influence on my behavior. It started to rain this morning about 8AM and has continued at various levels of intensity all day. The noise on the roof is a very good indicator of how hard it is raining. The louder the clatter the heavier the rain. I didn’t leave my RV home all day.

In a house or apartment you are not as aware of the outside weather. You usually don’t hear the rain on the roof and unlike an RV looking out the windows is often blocked by curtains or blinds. It is only after you decide to go out that you consider the weather. In an RV you know about the rain before you make the decision. Knowing that it is going to be wet and difficult driving triggers my procrastination impulse. If there isn’t a real reason for doing something in the rain, I’ll often put it off until another day.

I’ve always been aware of the weather. One of the reasons I began this lifestyle was to get out of the winters in the northeast. If snow was in the forecast I’d try to find a way to hibernate. Now that I don’t have snow to worry about I’m taking a similar approach to heavy rain. I really need a good reason to go out in the rain. I’ve had more full days of rain this year. I was in desert areas most of 2017. This year in the mid west and the east I’ve had a lot more rainy days, but still only a few have been full day rain events like today.

I think that most people living this lifestyle are more aware of the weather. You need to be for safety. RVs don’t handle weather extremes as well as houses and other buildings. The other aspect is you are usually closer to nature. Bright sunny days equate to an active and adventurous day. On cloudy and dull days you have to find other things to motivate you.


I have plenty of indoor entertainment. TV, DVDs and streaming media.

I spent most of the day watching TV. The Home and Garden Network and the Food Network are my fall backs during the day when a good repeat of a series isn’t available. I usually half watch the TV while reading or doing some other task. This evening the new Fall television season kept me entertained. The only difficulty was I had to turn up the volume to hear the shows over the rain on the roof.


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