It is Getting Colder

Monday September 24th 2018

It wasn’t a very exciting day today. I spent most of my time trying to stay warm. By noon I gave in to the inevitable and turned on some heat. Admitting that cooler weather has arrived means the summer is over. I really don’t know where all the time went. It never got out of the fifties today. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer, but three inches of rain is also in the forecast.

The campground emptied out even more this morning. Both of my nearby neighbors left before I got up. Why they would hit the road while the morning rush hour traffic was in full swing is beyond my comprehension. Shortly after two this afternoon a stead flow of RVs started arriving to fill many of the empty sites. Most of the arrivals were clearly travelers visiting New England in the fall. Some of the more distant license plates were from New Mexico, Oklahoma and more from California. I saw one plate that I initially thought was New York or possible Oregon, but turned out to be from Alaska. If they traveled from their home, they get the travel distant award, but there is the possibility that the RV stays in the lower forty eight and is used for fall, winter and spring travel. I saw several of those in Nevada last winter.


One sign of Fall is the change from wild flowers to wild fungus.

The cooler weather is causing many subtle changes in the forest that surrounds my campsite. There are more leaves on the ground and the local wildlife seems to have changed behavior. Last week the squirrels and chipmunks were very busy. Sitting outside it was possible to see them running around in all directions. Today it was hard to find any of them on the ground. The chipmunks were in their burrows and the squirrels were in the trees.

Two years ago I was here in the summer. There was a huge rafter of wild turkeys patrolling the perimeter of the campground. I expected to see a few turkeys this year, but so far I haven’t seen any. All I’ve seen in the campground are the squirrels, chipmunks
and an occasional bird. I enjoy seeing bigger birds and animals more than these creatures.

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