A Cool Day for TV Watching

Sunday September 23rd 2018

When I got up this morning there was filtered sunshine coming into my RV home. The clouds soon increased enough that no direct sunlight made it through the trees. That didn’t help warm things up in the rig. The inside temperature started in the fifties and barely made it over seventy by the end of the day with the assistance of my electric fireplace heater. I never really felt warm all day. Tomorrow is forecast to be cooler so I’ll probably have to break out the electric space heater to take the chill off.

I spent most of the day in front of the TV watching various sports. The NFL games formed the default channel selection, but I switched off to baseball and golf. Late in the afternoon I got caught up in the PGA Tour Championship. Watching Tiger Woods return to win a tournament after more than five years and several back surgeries was fun. The fact that he also almost won the FedEx Cup championship was just weird. How could a guy that was in twenty something position going into the final tournament leap frog so many players to end up in second place?

This evening I started with the Red Sox vs. Indians baseball game. Both teams have clinched their post season position. It was interesting watching them try not to get hurt playing out the season. When the Patriots vs. Lions football game started I switched to that game. I wasn’t up to watching the Patriots get crushed, so I switched back to the baseball game. It is still going in the eleventh inning as I’m writing this.


Power cable with six conductors. The abrasion at the bottom of the picture is the area that needs to be spliced.

While the games played on the TV, I worked on splicing the power cord that connects my Motorhome with the towed car. It got pinched between the hitch and the road last Sunday on my way here. Cutting back the wires to bare conductors and connecting like colored wires is the easy part. I need to figure out how to add some strain relief. The coiled characteristic of the cable requires it to be stretched to be connected. Without strain relief the splices will be pulled apart.

All of the weekenders have departed the campground along with a few of the travelers. It is as empty tonight as I’ve seen it since I arrived last Sunday. I suspect it will fill up as the week goes by.


A little bit of fall color above my campsite.

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