Fall is Here

Saturday September 22nd 2018

The Autumnal Equinox may not have arrived until 9:54 Eastern Time this evening, but it sure seemed like fall all day. The air was far less humid and cooler this morning. The sun was hidden behind the clouds most of the day only allowing the temperature to reach the high sixties. There are frost warnings a little north of here tonight.


Another sign of the season can be seen in the activities people are engaged in. This area of Massachusetts has a number of Apple and Peach Orchards. When I was out driving around today I came across a traffic jam around one of the pick your own places. A few miles down the road signs directed traffic toward another orchard. I remember as a young kid picking peaches and apples at a similar place. At that time my parents canned peaches so we had them available all winter. I remember it as a real production with lots of hot boiling water. Busy lives and readily available commercially canned peaches in the grocery store brought an end to the canning when I was still in elementary school. They continued to freeze vegetables from the garden for several more years, but even that eventually came to an end. I’ve never had any desire to pick up on the food processing habits of my youth.


Here at the campground a few of the travelers departed this morning to be replaced with another set this afternoon. Surprisingly, there are eight RVs from California scattered around the park. Mostly I’m surprised by the number not the fact that Californians want to see New England and the fall foliage. If they linger in the northeast too long they won’t be able to return west along a northern route. The latest long range forecasts on TV call for significant early snow fall in the mid west. One forecast even called for snow in New England in October. Maybe I’m just obsessed with the weather forecasts.


Blossom of the day


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