A Regular Day on the Rambling Road Trip

Wednesday September 19th 2018

Today was a routine living day in my RV home. It was a cloudy day with cool temperatures that only reached the mid sixties. The woods surrounding my RV combined with the cloudy day made it necessary to have the lights on all day to keep the dreary away.

I spent some time today working on my travel plans. In the near term I have to come up with a plan for November. The open question is how far south in Florida I will go. I’m trying to balance travel efficiency with exploration. I need to be in the Orlando area at the beginning of December so there isn’t a lot of time to do south Florida right. The decision really depends how I spend February and March.

I’ve been holding off committing to a plan for February and March. I tried to get reservations in the state parks on the gulf coast last spring when the reservation window opened. It is so competitive that only a few succeed and I wasn’t one of them this year. I’ve been working on an alternative that involves more moving around. South Florida is part of that plan. Unfortunately, that plan also requires a lot of reservations that I can’t really make until I have all the pieces in place. The fall back is a two or three month stay at one of the bigger campgrounds in the center of the state. I know there are still openings at at least one place, but it isn’t a great location. There is also always the possibility of heading west earlier, but that has its on set of issues.


Watching these little guys running around my campsite is entertaining.

One thing I accomplished today was the laundry. Now that all the Airstreams have moved on the campground laundry facility wasn’t as busy.  The Airstream Caravan started leaving in staggered groups around eight this morning. The campground looked empty at mid day today after the twenty five Airstream trailers left. By this evening many of those sites were occupied by more travelers. This campground is near full most nights.


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