Old Stomping Ground

Thursday September 20th 2018

The sun broke through the clouds for a few minutes today, but for the most part it was a dull cool day. The temperature peaked in the mid sixties. It’s forecast to get down into the fifties overnight.


There are more chipmunks around this campground than there are people.

I spent some time today in my old stomping grounds of southern New Hampshire. I was driving on roads and visiting places that I have more than thirty five years experience with. It is amazing the things and patterns you fall into without thinking. I was always in the correct lane at stop lights, I took all the short cuts without thinking and more significantly I knew were to find places. There is something comforting about familiarity that I don’t find often during my travels.

There are other areas of the country that I have become very familiar with, but it doesn’t bring this level of comfort and understanding. I have spent enough time in some areas of Florida to have some of these feelings and was starting to get comfortable with Las Vegas last winter. I think it takes years of living and growing with an area to really develop the sense of belonging that I feel in the southern New Hampshire area.

All of that said, I still need the exploration, exposure and experience that the travel associated with this life style brings. Seeing new areas of the country and getting to experience the things unique to those areas is why I’m on the Rambling Road Trip. I’m not a thrill seeker, but the adventure associated with travel is what I’m all about. My RV is my home regardless of where it is parked.

Here at the RV park the weekend residents are starting to arrive. I don’t even need to see they their license tags are from the local area to know. The weekenders setup far more of a camping home when they arrive than most travelers. When they roll out the lawn carpet, tie down the awning with stakes and get out more chairs than there are people, you know they’re here for a while.


Blossom of the day.

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