The Rainy Day Arrived

Tuesday September 18th 2018

The remnants of hurricane Florence arrived as rain at midnight. It rained steadily until about two this afternoon. This area got around three inches of rain with some areas getting a little more. Considering all the rain the storm has already dumped on the US mainland, it is surprising it can still find enough energy to continue to rain on us.


The only pool of water near my RV was right under my step. The rest of the hilly rocky area just showed the signs of flowing water.

I wasn’t completely asleep when it started to rain, so it took some time to get accustom to the noise on the roof of the RV. Once I got to sleep I was oblivious to all the rain that came down. I slept until near nine in the morning. Outside it was dark from the woods that surround my site and very wet. It wasn’t very inviting outside. Inside the TV was warning of floods, severe thunderstorms and even a possible tornado to the east. Everything added up to a good morning to stay inside.

This afternoon I finally made the grocery run I started thinking about last Wednesday. I had a list of about forty items that I remembered to bring with me. What I didn’t remember was to consult the list while at the store. The act of creating the list was sufficient for me to remember everything but two items on the list. Those items aren’t so important that I have to return to the store specifically for them, so my grocery shopping was a success. It was also a very extensive trip. Judging by the final bill it may be the most stuff I’ve purchased at a grocery store in a long time. One reason for that is stocking up on familiar brands that I haven’t found in other parts of the country.


While I was at the grocery store the sky started to clear.

Back at the campground all of my Airstream trailer neighbors were starting to pack up. They will be pulling out in the morning. Hopefully, they will wait until after I’m out of bed or at least be quiet leaving. The campground is almost full with a lot of travelers from around the country. In addition to the east coast states and provinces there are rigs here from Iowa, California, Arizona and Texas among others.


By the time I’d finished my shopping and heading home the sky was looking blue.

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