Waiting for the Rain

Monday September 17th 2018

The warm overnight temperatures allowed me to keep the windows open. Just before seven this morning I paid the price. The Airstream trailer group in the campground was preparing to leave for a day of tourist activities. Either there are a number of hard of hearing people in the group or they just aren’t thinking. They were yelling at each other from all sides of the campground negotiating who was driving whom. They were gone until about three this afternoon.


There is still some summer color around.

The Airstream group is on a tour of the Revolutionary War period in the northern colonies. The tour started at this campground last Thursday. The group from all over the country have been visiting Boston and the other colonial era sights in the area. It moves on tomorrow or Wednesday to New York and ends the middle of next month in the Washington DC area.

Tomorrow is forecast to be very rainy with the arrival of the remnants of hurricane Florence in the area. Two to three inches or rain are forecast which is nothing compared to the Carolinas but will make outside activities difficult. I switched my plans for today to work on some of my outside tasks. The one task that I still haven’t gotten to is work on the satellite dish on the roof of the RV. It was still slippery wet from the overnight condensation around noon and I didn’t get back to it before the end of the day. I’ve done all the research and know what has to be done, but I’m not really looking forward to working on the roof twelve feet off the ground. I’m looking for ideal conditions. I was planning on grocery shopping today, but that will be one of tomorrow’s tasks.

This campground is one of only a few locations for travelers to stay with easy access to the historic sights of the Boston area. That is why the Airstream group is here and why so many travelers stop here for a few days. The campground provides directions for taking the train into Boston. Tonight I watched several big rigs get directed into their sites at the campground. It’s a good thing they guide you to your site because the roads are narrow and you need to approach a site from the right direction. Neighboring sites may need to be approached from opposite directions on the narrow roads, but the guides are excellent getting RVs to the sites. There are a few sites that it is hard to get situated in, but for the most part the sites and campground are great.

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