Travel to Littleton MA

Sunday September 16th 2018

Today was a travel day. I didn’t plan very well. I usually try not to travel on Sundays, but my next three travel days will be on a Sunday. All of the weekenders were hitting the road this morning as well. Traffic heading south got heavier with every mile today. It really backed up at the major intersections and the two toll booths.

I was on the road shortly after the 11AM checkout time. Some of the weekenders were still packing up as I departed. By afternoon the campground was probably almost empty. Today’s travel drama started about ten miles down the road when I stopped for gas. There is a sharp dip entering the gas station. The tow bar for my car dragged going through the dip. The electric line from the RV to the car that controls the lights was caught between the tow bar and the road. The insulation was scraped off and the conductors broken. I made the rest of the trip without lights on the car under tow.

I towed for two and a half years without a problem and now I’ve destroyed the electric line twice in four months. The dragging is a new occurrence. I’m wondering if the back of the motorhome is riding lower for some reason. I’ll investigate more before I move again. The first time this happened I was able to buy a new cord at the Escapees rally. This time I’ll probably have to order one from Amazon. In the meantime I’ll splice and tape up the old cord.


Site 16 at the Minuteman Campground.

My travel day ended around 1:30 at the Minuteman Campground in Littleton MA. This is a nice wooded campground that I’ve stayed at several times before. It is quiet from road noise, but does have an occasional commuter rail train passing within hearing distance. I’ll be here for two weeks. When I arrived I found out that almost half of the sites are currently occupied by an Airstream group. I haven’t seen so many aluminum tube campers in a long time. It looks like a traveling caravan since they are from all over the country, so they will probably be moving on soon.

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