A New England Hike

Saturday September 15th 2018

Today followed the same pattern as the last few. It started out foggy and ended sunny with very few clouds in the sky. Today the temperature peaked in the low eighties.



One tree in the center of this picture is starting to turn dark red.


My big activity for the day was a hike out behind the campground. There is a trail to a small pond and the Pemigewasset River from the campground. It is not a real long trail but has a fairly steep section giving me a bit of a workout. On the hike it occurred to me how much more comfortable I am hiking in New England. Having lived here for most of my life, I’m familiar with the vegetation and I understand instinctively what the dangers are. I was much more relaxed today as compared with how alert and aware I am when hiking in other parts of the country.




A few trees starting to turn colors.

I enjoy hikes in other parts of the country but I’m watching for everything animal, vegetable and mineral. In the southeast I’m thinking about alligators and snakes while watching for soggy ground. The southwest brings concerns of rattle snakes, cactus and unknown animals. Then there is always the concern of not surprising a bear in bear country. None of these things keep me from exploring and seeing the great sights. I just don’t relax at all while hiking in those areas and tend to follow more popular trails with other people in the area. My alertness may actually help me spot more interesting things.


Potted fall display of color.

Today’s hike was fun. I actually found a couple of trees that are starting to exhibit their fall colors. In a couple of weeks this would be a very colorful hike, but I’ll be further south. Tomorrow I move on to south for a two week stay in Littleton MA.


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