A Slow Day Watching Storm Coverage

Friday September 14th 2018

It wasn’t a very exciting day, but enjoyable none the less. While waiting for the sun to burn through the thin fog, I got hooked on watching the TV coverage of hurricane Florence. Having watched the hurricane storm coverage the last few years I’ve come to the conclusion that meteorologists don’t like the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale once the threat to life and property is real. It’s a good advertising number when the storm is in the middle of the Atlantic. Once the storm nears land, they spend most of their on air time telling the viewers not to pay attention to the number. It’s the water from the storm surge and rain that’s the big problem. Florence is certainly proof of that.


This afternoon I watched all of the weekend campers arrive to fill up the campground. The trailer behind me is from Vermont. Before they were finished setting up, the campground was delivering fire wood. I counted six bundles of wood. They started the fire just before dark and it is still going now after 11pm. People from several other sites have joined them around the fire. I’ve heard at least three loud voices. I’m not sure how many quiet voices are present. This group of weekend campers clearly focus their activities around the campfire.

This campground has a lot of recreation opportunities. For kids there is a playground and inflatable bounce pad. There are horseshoe pits, volleyball, and disk golf for adults. The one indicator that it’s after labor day is that the pool is closed. Almost all of the campgrounds north of the mid Atlantic close their outdoor pools right after labor day. I think it is an availability of labor issue more than a temperature issue. The campground needs to get the pool ready for the winter before their summer labor departs.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is a repeat of today. Hopefully, I’ll take advantage of the good weather and do more than watch TV and the arrival of my neighbors.



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