Travel to Woodstock New Hampshire

Thursday September 13th 2018

It was a foggy morning, but it lifted before my travel day began. Since I had less than two hundred miles to go, I delayed my departure until close to the 11AM checkout time. As it turned out I left the park closer to ll:30.


Site 21 at the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA. I’ll be here for the weekend.

Getting the car hooked up for towing proved to be difficult this morning. My site was sloped ever so slightly to the front. It was just enough that the car would roll as soon as it was put in neutral. Blocking the wheels got it hooked up, but I couldn’t get the tow bar arms to lock in position. One arm ended up collapsed with the other full extended. That’s a sure way to bend or break the tow bar. It wasn’t easy to get the car disconnected to try again.

My second attempt was at the bottom of the hill. I drove the car down to the bottom and hiked back up the steep hill to bring the motorhome down. The new location looked level, but for some reason I had a similar problem with my second attempt. The only difference was the arm that didn’t lock was on the other side. The third try worked. In three years of towing I’ve only had one other problem getting everything connected. That was last May on a sloped site in Kentucky. I’m a little paranoid at the moment. I don’t know what’s different.

Once I was on the road I didn’t have any problems. I took the very long way around to get from White River Junction Vermont to Woodstock New Hampshire. I went north on Interstate 91 to St. Johnsbury and then south on Interstate 93 through Franconia Notch to the campground in Woodstock. Traffic was very light all the way. My hope of seeing a little bit of color in the mountains was not satisfied. Everything is still very green.

I arrived at the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA around 1:30. It turned into a warm day after the morning fog burned off. The temperature was in the high seventies and the sun was shinning brightly while I got set up on a site with very little shade. I’ll be here until Sunday when I move south to Littleton Massachusetts.


My view shortly after sunset.

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