An Almost Rainy Day

Wednesday September 12th 2018

I slept in this morning. It wasn’t part of the plan, but it happened. I’m parked in the woods and the clouds were thick this morning. If the backup alarm on my neighbors motorhome hadn’t broke through my sleeping conscious, I’d have slept much longer. By the time I’d satisfied myself that the alarm didn’t mean the world was ending, I was wide awake and getting dressed.


I don’t think I understood the weather forecast for this area. The northern New York area I was in over the weekend was clear and warm today. Burlington Vermont, the location of the TV stations I’m watching, was also warm and much drier today. This location on the eastern side of Vermont is far enough south that it is still in the rain that passed through earlier in the week. By not paying attention I was surprised to wake up to an almost rainy day. There were light rain showers off an on all day. It never cleared up, but the temperature did get into the seventies.

One of the plans for the day was grocery shopping. I even had a shopping list. It is rare that I feel the need to make a list, but I was out of several seldom used items that I probably wouldn’t remember at the store. I drove to West Lebanon New Hampshire around noon to buy some groceries. That’s when the plan started to go south. First I forgot the list and second the Walmart did not have a full grocery section. It was an older and smaller store.

The good news is I’m back in an area with store brands that I’ve frequented for many years. I switched my destination to the Price Chopper and Shaws grocery stores. I didn’t come close to getting all of the items on my list. The brand name package products that I buy frequently and remember the price of were all twenty cents to a dollar more per item. One example, a small can of corn is usually seventy five cents at Walmart. It was ninety eight cents at Shaws. In the long run it wouldn’t have ended up costing more than a couple of dollars more for my entire list, but I was feeling thrifty. I only bought the things that are usually similarly priced less or are of better quality at regular grocery stores like produce, meats and dairy. I got enough to hold me until I remember my list and I’m in the mood to spend money.

When I got back to the campsite to unload the groceries, the heaviest rain storm of the day passed through. It side tracked me from going back out and doing some sightseeing. I settled in to watch the Weather channel coverage of hurricane Florence. The little bit of rain in this area is nothing compared to what the folks in the Carolinas are going to get.

Tomorrow is another moving day. This campground is full for the weekend so I will be moving into New Hampshire until Sunday.


Blossom of the day.


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