Fall has Arrived

Saturday September 8th 2018

I went to bed last night after a cool late summer day. I woke up this morning to an early fall day. It was in the forties overnight again and it didn’t get above the mid sixties all day. “They” say it is going to be in the thirties tonight. On the plus side it was a beautiful fall day. There was barely a cloud in the sky all day.


A lighthouse as a decoration in upstate New York. Huh?

The cool morning set the trend for the whole day. I didn’t want to get out of the warm bed into the cool RV, until the sun had a chance to warm up the interior. When I dragged myself out of bed the inside temperature had reached sixty five. An hour later I started opening windows to keep the temperature under control. Outside it was still below sixty. This evening, the electric fireplace is on to keep the temperature from falling too fast. Like the temperature my ambition level today was on the cool side of the scale.

I spent the day relaxing around the RV. In between watching college football and the PGA golf playoffs I took a few walks around the campground. It is interesting to see how much has changed over the years that I’ve been coming to this park. I know I was here in 1994 and I think I’ve was here at least once before that. Since 1994 I’ve probably been here three times, so my visits are infrequent. One of the biggest changes is the growth of the trees. Twenty four years ago the sites were in a field with little trees planted between the sites. Today those tree trunks are a foot or more in diameter. I don’t think the site I’m on, in the open field area, wasn’t even part of the developed campground back then. The access to the campground has also changed. It now passes through a housing area that used to be open land.  It is still a nice campground.


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