Visit to the Eisenhower Lock

Friday September 7th 2018

It looks like the summer heat has broken. The temperature got down into the forties overnight. During the day it got into the seventies, but tomorrow and Sunday may top out in the sixties. The humidity has also dried up making it very comfortable weather.

Around noon I drove to the Eisenhower Lock to watch a ship pass through on its journey up river. I used a website to find out about the schedule of traffic through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The ship Cape registered in Monrovia Liberia was just entering the lock when I arrived at the overlook. It approaches the lock and enters at a snails pace to avoid doing damage to the lock. By the time you realize it has stopped moving forward it has already risen a few feet as the lock floods.


The ship Cape entering the lock from the low down river side of the lock.


The ship sitting low in the lock behind the operations building.


Ship high in the lock.


Bow of the 186 meter long ship.


The ship Cape leaving the Eisenhower Lock west toward Lake Ontario.

The Eisenhower Lock visitors center is closed. It was open during the summer, but closed on Labor Day. It used to be accessible during the entire season the lock was open. Security concerns have limited the amount of time it is open. The facility is too close to the lock to allow unrestricted access. The parking lot has had concrete barriers installed and security personnel are on hand when the center is open. The lock overlook on the north side of the lock is still open. The parking lot is a couple of hundred feet back from the lock behind the operations buildings.

I tried to catch a couple of other ships passing through the lock, but lunch got in the way. The website showing the schedule called for forty minutes between ships. I returned to my campsite for lunch and lost track of time. Hopefully, I’ll see another ship or two while I’m here.

A number of trailers arrived at the campground for the weekend. I’m no longer alone in a field, but there are still plenty of available sites. That’s just one more indicator that summer is over.


Blossoms of the day.

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