Travel Day to Massena NY

Thursday September 6th 2018

I woke to the sound of rain on the roof of my RV home around six this morning. Rain on a travel day is not one of my favorite things. The good news is it didn’t last long. By 8AM the rain had passed and it was starting to clear. With the exception of a few things put away damp, it was a normal travel day preparation.

I left the campground on Association Island at 10:45. It took until eleven to work my way around Henderson Bay to the main road. From there it was clear driving mostly through corn fields to the city of Watertown and Interstate 81. A few exits north and it was back to two lane roads and rural America for the rest of the drive.

At one point along the way I passed through a road block checkpoint manned by the police. I didn’t see anybody get stopped or talked to, just slowed down to a crawl while they gave each vehicle a good look. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see an immigration checkpoint, but this was something else. There weren’t any boarder patrol officers in attendance.

Some of the farms along the way are owned by Amish people. There are road signs warning of buggy traffic on the right of way. I didn’t pass any buggies, but I saw a more interesting indicator of an Amish farm. In one of the fields I passed a man was plowing the field with a plow pulled by to work horses. It was a real throw back image.


Site 131 at the Massena International Kampground.

I arrived at the Massena International Kampground around two in the afternoon. I’ll be here until Tuesday. The attractions in the area include the Robert Moses State park and the Eisenhower Lock on the St Lawrence Seaway.


The sunsets here are not as impressive as those I’ve observed the last few days, but it was colorful.

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