Last Day on Association Island

Wednesday September 5th 2018

The heat advisory for central New York state was expanded to include this county today. The day started with the temperature in the high sixties, but the humidity overnight was high. During the first part of the day the wind didn’t blow and it warmed up quickly. In the afternoon the wind blew hard, but in some ways it was too late. Areas exposed to the breeze with some shade were OK, but the rest of the area was uncomfortable.


Wash time for the geese.


I’m watching you.

This is my last day on Association Island. I’m moving on to the Massena NY area tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed my time here watching the action on the lake, walking around the island and watching the sunsets. Today’s walk was shorter do to the heat. I only went as far as the marina, but didn’t find anything of interest. Back on my side of the island the birds provide a little entertainment.


Blossom of the day.

I completed some of the outside travel preparation tasks today. Hopefully, it will be cooler in the morning so I can complete the tasks without shedding gallons of sweat. The inside tasks that I can do ahead of time are all done. I’m only traveling a little over one hundred and twenty five miles so I’ll leave as close to the 11am checkout time as I can.



Last sunset of my visit to Association Island.

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