A Long Trip to Town

Tuesday September 4th 2018

In some parts of the area today was cooler than yesterday. Here on Association Island it felt warmer. The wind wasn’t blowing as hard as yesterday, so the sun’s rays and the humidity were really felt. I still resisted the urge to turn on the air conditioner and kept the windows open and the vent fan on.


This sailboat anchored behind the island for the night.

I finally went into town for some groceries. The nearest stores of any size are twenty miles away in the city of Watertown. I traveled in a loop to get there and back, so I didn’t travel on the same roads. Basically, I saw a lot of corn fields. The primary attraction in this area is Lake Ontario. You need to travel a longer distance to find other attractions of interest. I only bought a few items spending lest than twenty five dollars on food. I spent nearly forty dollars to fill the car’s gas tank. The price of gas in New York state includes more tax than most. I spent three dollars and ten cents a gallon for gas today. I’m not looking forward to filling the motorhome’s tank when I leave here on Thursday.


Around the campground the staff is recovering from the long weekend. They have been checking every site, cleaning the fire pits and picking up any litter. A few more campers arrived today to fill some of the empty sites. I now have a neighbor two sites away and the waterfront sites are filling up. I had to walk further to see the sunset tonight.


Clouds started to move in just in time for sunset.


Boat passing through the sun’s setting beams.



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