The Weekend is Over; Now Go

Monday September 3rd 2018

By the time I got up this morning one of my neighbors had already departed. All of my other immediate neighbors would be gone before the morning was over. The long weekend was over. It was time for everybody to go home.


Area in front of my RV after the mass exodus.


My RV in the field with lots of open space.


My RV from another direction.

All around me people were packing up the things they had brought for the weekend. A few sites away a box trailer towed behind a motorhome was filled with four kayaks and eight bicycles along with a bunch of little stuff. A truck pulling a flatbed utility trailer went by with a golf cart, two kayaks and several bicycles bouncing around on it. It is amazing the amount of stuff people bring with them for a three or four day weekend.


Wind driven water on Lake Ontario.

As the 11AM checkout time approached a traffic jam of departing RVs developed. Several of the park roads converge and funnel into one exit road. Each of the feeder roads had three or more RVs waiting to merge into the outbound road. This went on for more than half an hour. I’m guessing more than two hundred RVs left this morning. I never seen such a mass exodus from a campground. I went from feeling crowded to feeling deserted.


Birds staying low to the ground to avoid the wind.


Guy on a personal water craft dealing with the wind driven surf.

The area south and east of here was under a heat advisory today. This county wasn’t included probably because of the wind. A strong wind out of the southwest blew all day. There was a real chop complete with white caps on Lake Ontario. I opened the windows in the RV and sat outside in the shade. It stayed pretty comfortable. Late in the day thunderstorms passed to the south near Syracuse and to the north in Canada, but this area remained sunny and windy. The sunset was worth taking pictures.





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