A Quiet Sunday

Sunday September 2nd 2018

It was a very quiet morning in the campground. Everyone was sleeping in after all of Saturday’s activities. As the morning progressed a few people pulled out and others got more active. The park is still pretty close to full tonight.


The farmers market at the campground. The most interesting booth was the 1000 Islands Winery.

The big activity in the park today was a Farmers Market. About twelve area vendors setup stands to sell their products. Of the twelve only one stand had any produce for sale. Half of one stand had tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn. Most of things for sale had nothing to do with farm products. In fact, they weren’t even locally made. They got a lot of attention, but I don’t know how much they sold.


Two kayaks needing separation.


A lone duck.

The weather most of the day was very overcast. The cloud cover prevented it from getting above the mid eighties, but the humidity was very high. The wind was present again today. I think wind is the norm for this lake front area. Toward the end of the day the filtered sunlight made an appearance, but more clouds were off to the west.


Tiny blossom of the day.

I stayed at home all day. My thoughts of making a grocery run never materialized. The quiet slow morning didn’t do anything to get me motivated. I spent time watching the boaters and hiking around the island.


Clouds to the west were thick blocking the sunset a little.


Two kayaks passing in front of the setting sun.



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