A Windy Day

Saturday September 1st 2018

It’s hard to believe today is September first. The hot days of summer have passed quickly. Today was a windy day with a high temperature around eighty. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer with more humidity.


The geese had their backs turned to all the seagulls.


I continue to enjoy my stay on Association Island doing nothing special. I walked around the island again today. With all the campers it is a much different walk than earlier in the week. Kids on bicycles, scooters and other forms of human powered transportation fill the roads. Adults in golf carts weave around the kids playing and the pedestrians. When you add in the cars coming and going it’s an accident waiting to happen. I thought an accident had occurred this afternoon. The local fire department was near the marina with lights flashing. It turned out they were there for entertainment and fund raising not professional services. The campground had a number of organized events today culminating with a band in the hall tonight. I didn’t go to the performance, but could here some of the music from my site.



My entertainment was watching the boats in Henderson Bay. In addition to many fishing boats there were several sailboats taking advantage of the wind. The sailboats had to do a lot of tacking to get to Henderson Harbor. It was directly into the wind, but it was close. Outbound from the harbor the boats really moved downwind.



By far the largest number of boats in the area were kayaks. I saw groups from two to ten circling the island and the bay. Many of the campers that arrived yesterday had kayaks with them. They got launched all around the island, not just at the boat ramp. There were some kayak traffic jambs and a least one collision that I witnessed, but everybody was having fun.

Tomorrow I probably have to go into town for supplies. I’m out of bottled water, orange juice and bread. These aren’t things that I couldn’t live without for another day or two, but a change of scenery for an hour or two might be interesting.


Blossom of the day.

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