The Campground is Full for the Weekend

Friday August 31st 2018

The outside temperature got down into the fifties overnight. Inside the RV I was close to needing additional bedding, but I turned off the ceiling fan and toughed it out. It is not forecast to be as cold tonight. During the day the temperature got into the mid seventies, before it clouded over shortly afternoon and started to cool off.


One of many Seagulls.

It clouded over very quickly. A storm front passed through the area. It didn’t rain here but it did rain in Watertown a few miles to the north. The storm front delayed my trip up onto my RV roof again. I was assembling the tools and supplies to take up on the roof to fix the satellite dish when the storm front moved in. The last place I want to be in a potential thunderstorm is on the roof of the RV in an open field.


Looking out from the marina to the lake.


Green slime filled swamp drainage channel.

This campground is full for the weekend. All of the sites that were empty when I arrived earlier this week now contain campers ready to enjoy the outdoors for the labor day weekend. The air is filled with the smell of wood smoke from all of the campfires tonight. People are here in all kinds of equipment from tents to fancy diesel pusher motorhomes. As always it is interesting to observe the skill level of the new arrivals. Watching the people on the site across the road reading the directions for their new tent was interesting. It was clearly right out of the box new, but they finally got it setup.


The feel of this place is entirely different with all the sites full. It is much harder to see the lake through all the RVs. It feels and sounds crowded. I enjoyed the quiet and open areas before all of the weekenders arrived. Even with all the people here this isn’t bad. It just isn’t as nice as it was. This campground is still well near the top of the quality and enjoyment scales.


Blossom of the Day.,


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