Refreshing Cool Weather

Thursday August 30th 2018

It rained off and on most of the night resulting in a very different kind of day. It was refreshingly cool today. It was in the low to mid sixties most of the day. The clouds cleared near the end of the day allowing the sun to heat the air to near seventy, but the wind out of the northeast all day required a sweatshirt to be comfortable outside.


Pair of ducks,


This bird was squawking loudly.


Which way to the ocean?

I had tentative plans to get up on the roof of my RV home and work on the satellite dish. A cloudy cool day seemed ideal for the task, but the wind was a complication I didn’t need. This area is wide open to the wind. There was a strong steady breeze with occasional gusts that really whipped things around. Tomorrow is another opportunity. They don’t have working cable channels at this RV park, so I have some incentive to get the satellite working. In the meantime I have a full set of over the air channels to watch.


Causeway onto the Island in the evening sun.

It was the second relaxing day in a row. I spent the day walking around the park, reading and watching television. On my walks I took pictures of the water fowl in the waters around the island. I think the seagulls are a little confused this isn’t the ocean or a dump. The ducks seem to be more in their element.


Blossom of the day.

This campground is really filling up for the weekend. Starting around three this afternoon a steady stream of campers have been arriving. I guess as many as fifty arrived today. One of the campground workers said that there were twice as many coming in tomorrow. There are many little groups of two or three units out for the last party of the summer on the long weekend. It’s a very different type of camper on holiday weekends. The campers show up with all of their water toys, kids bicycles and other amusements. It looks like it is going to be a real party weekend.


Sun getting ready to set.






Still going.





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