A Day on the Island

Wednesday August 29th 2018

After two straight days of travel and five of the last six days traveling, it was nice to spend the day in one place. I didn’t leave the campground today. The only measurable accomplishment was setting up the camp for the next week. The enjoyment of just sitting around watching the lake and campground activity is not measurable.


The storm front moving in from the west across Lake Ontario.

This region was under a heat advisory today. Early this morning the area was covered by fog, but the sun and wind drove the fog away quickly. The wind off the lake never allowed the severe heat in this area. I had all of the windows open to allow the natural air conditioning to keep the temperature down in the RV. Early this afternoon a line of storms came across the lake. The wind blew a little stronger and it rained hard for five or ten minutes. When the sun broke through the clouds it was a little cooler than before the storms. The real front is expected to pass through the area overnight. The high temperatures for tomorrow are forecast to be in the low seventies.


A duck finding a place to rest out of the rough water.

This campground takes up the entire island. There is one area that hasn’t been developed, but the rest is either campsites, cabins, support areas for the marina or recreation areas. I walked around the entire island this afternoon. The views of the lake are good from all sides. The campground is less than half full. It will be interesting to see how full it gets this weekend. There are around 300 sites.


The cloud cover made the sunset less brilliant than last night, but perhaps more picturesque.

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