Travel to Northern New York State

Tuesday August 28th 2018

When I got up this morning I was surrounded by fog. By the time I was ready to hit the road at 9:30 the fog was gone and heat was rapidly being added to the haze and humidity by the rising sun. This was a real late summer triple ‘H’ day.


The road to this island is on the strip of rock in the middle of the photo. It crosses from this island to a smaller island (right center) before reaching the mainland.

It was a long travel day of nearly three hundred miles. Other than playing hop scotch with the trucks in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the first part of the trip was uneventful. Once I got into New York, I was treated to several areas of construction that backed up the traffic quite a bit. To go along with the man made aggravation, mother nature was adding her own annoyance to the mix. It got very windy this afternoon. I had my hands full keeping the motorhome in my lane.


Site E-02 at the 1000 Island Association Island KOA.

The campground I’m staying at for the next nine nights is on an island in the east end of Lake Ontario. I needed to travel ten to fifteen miles from the interstate over narrow roads to get to the island. The last part of the journey was on winding roads through lake cottages followed by a trip across a man made causeway to the island. I was worried about the wind crossing the causeway, but the direction was in my favor. There was a great sunset tonight in the haze over the lake. I’ve included a few pictures here.







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