Travel Day to Pennsylvania

Monday August 27th 2018

The heat and humidity were back just in time for a travel day. A haze associated with the humidity was in the air most of the way from Virginia to Pennsylvania. It was right at ninety degrees when I ended my travels around 3PM in Jonestown PA east of Harrisburg.


Site 87 at the Jonestown/Hershey KOA in Jonestown PA.

My travel day started shortly before 10AM when I left the Americamps RV park in Ashland VA. I stopped for gas very early in the travel day and didn’t stop again until I arrived at my destination. It was trip along all types of roads in three states. I started and ended my travels on Interstate highways but chose to avoid Washington DC by taking US 17 and US 15 north to the West of the capital. These roads varied from divided highway to winding country road. Much of the travel passed through developed areas with lots of traffic lights.

Today’s driving took a lot more attention and work than simple interstate driving. Many drivers of cars do not appreciate how much extra stopping distance a big RV requires. They also don’t get that acceleration is not instantaneous in something as big as an RV. I had to make one hard, near panic, level stop to avoid turning traffic and I went through at least two yellow lights so I didn’t have to stop hard.

The other consequence of stop and go type traffic is not being able to use the cruise control. Working the gas pedal in the motorhome can be tricky. If I have my foot at an angle as I typically do in the car, I run the risk of pushing down on the brake at the same time as I’m pushing the accelerator. The brake and gas pedal are too close together and the brake stands up higher than the accelerator. When the RV was new I experienced a brake overheating warning light caused by dragging the brake with a diagonal foot on the gas peddle. Now I make sure I don’t wear wide clunky shoes when driving and I look down at the position of my feet from time to time. I only caught my self with an almost bad foot position once today.

After five hours on the road I arrived at the Jonestown/Hershey KOA. I still have close to three hundred miles to travel tomorrow before I get to Lake Ontario for a night stay. Almost all of tomorrows travels are on Interstate 81.


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