A Day of Rest in My RV Home

Sunday August 26th 2018

It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning. Since I this wasn’t a driving day I didn’t get up until 9AM. I sleep very well. The windows were open instead of running the air conditioner all night and the extra campground and road noise didn’t wake me at all. Hopefully it will be cool enough tonight for a similar approach.


Between travelers and weekenders the campground was close to full overnight. Some of the weekenders were part of an organized camping group. They were a very close-knit group helping each other get hooked up to travel and double checking each other preparations. I got the impression that many of them didn’t get out camping very often. By the 11AM checkout time the transient part of the park was mostly empty. Tonight’s travelers have filled many of the empty sites.


I had all kinds of plans for today. Most of them involved maintenance tasks around the rig. I didn’t get any of them accomplished. It was very much a do nothing kind of day. The temperature was a little warmer than yesterday. It peaked in the upper eighties with increasing humidity. Outside in the shade it was very comfortable.


For lunch I got the grill out and cooked a pork chop. I accompanied it with a package of Teriyaki Rice and a can of corn to make a complete meal. The rice was an errant purchase from a few months ago, but it turned out to be OK. Preparing the meal was a good use of my down time today. It was a nice change of pace.


Today’s dinner.

Tomorrow I’m back in travel mode. I need to decide how close to Washington DC I want to travel on my way to Pennsylvania. My options range from going northwest to Interstate 81 then northeast for a very large loop to taking the west side Washington beltway around the city. I’m leaning toward an option in between the two that uses more US routes than Interstates. I’ll do some more research this evening after I publish this blog entry.


The blossom of the day.

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