Travel Day Back to Virginia

Saturday August 25th 2018

Today was another travel day. Maybe because it was a Saturday, a day I rarely travel, I really wasn’t in the mood to hit the road this morning. I puttered along and left the Fayetteville RV Park around 10AM. For the first time ever I left stuff out on the kitchen counter by mistake. Most of it survived without disaster. The exception was the travel mug with the remaining third of my breakfast coffee. The cup never hit the floor, but the coffee was all over the counter and on the floor.

The only event of interest on today’s drive was at the gas station. I always max out the credit card authorization at the pump when I fill the tank. It’s usually $75 or $100 before I have to let the pump reset and swipe my credit card again. Today for the first time it was $125. That allowed me to put enough gas in to skip the second swipe with an almost full tank. Good thing I didn’t try. The card probably wouldn’t have worked. I got a text from the credit card company a few minutes later asking if the purchase was authorized. That’s happened before, but thankfully not often and it’s easy to clear.


Site E-11 at the Americamps RV Park in Ashland VA.

Today’s journey was a little over two hundred and twenty five miles to the Americamps RV Park in Ashland VA. This is the same park I was in at the beginning of the month when I made my first change of plans. I decided to head for Williamsburg for a week instead of the Shenandoah valley. I’ll be here for two nights to re-energize my desire to drive before heading for Lake Ontario in New York State.

The weather has also cooled down for a few days. I haven’t run the air conditioner at all today. The windows in the RV are open for the first time in few weeks. It is nice to air things out for a change. The heat and humidity is forecast to return by Monday.

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