Back in the Fayetteville NC Area

Friday August 24th 2018

Today began far too early. One of my neighbors decided that 6AM was the time to leave. They started making enough noise to wake me up some time before that. Once they had departed the neighbor on the other side started to get ready to leave. They left around 7AM. By that time I was up and working on breakfast at least an hour before I’d planned.

With all the extra prep time I was on the road shortly after 9AM about an hour earlier than planned. I ended up taking about an hour break for lunch in a rest area along the way. Traffic was a little thinner than yesterday making the driving easier. The road crossing South Carolina can be quite boring. To break up the monotony I started watching for and reading the advertising signs for South of the Boarder. This is a shop and amusement area just south of the North Carolina South Carolina boarder. It has been there for many years. I think the only time I’ve stopped there was during my first trip to Florida with my parents in the sixties. It was much smaller then, but it still had signs along the road through all of North Carolina heading south and all of South Carolina heading north. The signs used to be very uniform in color with puns and witty sayings. Today many of the signs are more informative and harder to spot. They aren’t all black, red and yellow. Some of the signs I saw today had a standard white background.


Old style South of the Boarder sign as seen through my dirty windshield.


The style South of the Border Sign.

I arrived at the Fayetteville RV Resort north of the city in Wade North Carolina a little after 2PM. This is my third stay here this summer. The campground is full tonight. I was lucky to get a reservation during this special weekend. They are having a “Back to School” weekend featuring amusements and games for the kids. This afternoon the kids were playing on a giant inflatable water slide.


Site 13 at the Fayetteville RV Park. The inside of the RV got very warm this afternoon. The air conditioners were fighting the direct sun without any shade.

I’m moving on in the morning. Tomorrow night and Sunday night I’ll be back at another familiar campground just north of Richmond.


Flag and flower bed behind my RV.

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