Travel Day to South Carolina

Thursday August 23rd 2018

It was very humid this morning. Even with the temperature in the seventies, the perspiration was running as I got ready to start my journey back north. The day turned out to be a routine travel day without any drama, so this blog entry is not particularly exciting.


Site 26 at the Point South KOA.

I was on the road shortly after ten. This mornings I drove around Jacksonville to the east. The traffic was heavy but not bad. There were a couple of slow downs into the forties at major intersections, but the traffic never stopped. The east side beltway crosses the St. Johns river in the harbor area. From high up on the bridge I could see cargo ships at the piers and this morning a cruise ship was also in port. Of the three ways to get by Jacksonville this is the most interesting.

Traffic continued to be heavy out of Florida, through Georgia and into South Carolina. I expect it to be bad around the cities, but between the cities it was just as heavy. When the Interstate got down to two lanes in each direction in South Carolina there were two solid lanes of traffic going north. Passing slower traffic took a long time to find an opening. Lucky for me, but not the people behind me, I was usually among the slower traffic. I had the cruise control set at sixty five on these flat roads. Only a few cars and trucks were traveling slower than my speed. The speed limit was seventy.

After one stop for gas, I arrived at the Point South KOA in Yemassee SC around two. I was one of the first of tonight’s crop of residents to arrive. By the dinner hour most of the sites were full. I’ve stayed at this KOA many times. They have made some improvements since my last visit. The cable TV has been expanded and I think the WiFi is better. Unfortunately they have also increased their prices. I don’t think I will stop here on my return south in November. There are other options to the south of here in the Savannah area, but the options to the north aren’t as good.

Tomorrow I have another drive of just over two hundred miles. I’m heading back to the Fayetteville RV Park for the third time this summer.


Flowering bush of the day.

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