Last Full Day in Northeast Florida

Wednesday August 22nd 2018

The weather pattern of the last few days continued with only a minor variation. The day started humid in the low seventies and got up to the low nineties, but the afternoon thunderstorms came earlier than the previous days. The sky started to darken around one in the afternoon. Shortly after two it was pouring and by the dinner hour the storms were over.


St. Johns river before the afternoon storms.

Today I finished up the things I needed to do in Northeast Florida. I picked up my mail from the mail service and stocked up on groceries for my trip north. The grocery shopping was at a Walmart I hadn’t been in before. It was a nice store, but I felt the prices were a few cents higher than other Walmarts. Moving around all the time makes it hard to know the why and when prices of price changes. I also stopped at Publix for meat and produce shopping. The good thing about Publix is they don’t use a reward card system. The bad thing is that you need to be very careful buying non sale grocery items. There favorite sale technique is a two for one sale, but the single unit price is usually much higher than at other stores. For example, Klondike ice cream bars are $2.88 at Walmart. The same item is $4.68 at Publix. When it’s on sale two for one it’s a good price. The rest of the time nobody should buy it.

The other accomplishment for the day was making reservations for my trip north. I’ll be staying at a couple of the same places I’ve already stayed at this summer. I’ve set the travel up with three days of travel with a little over 200 miles each followed by at two night stay. The last two travel days will be longer and more complicated. Either I’m not thinking out of the box built of many years travel through the area, or there are fewer good options. It is probably a little of both. Getting around Washington and finding a place to stay north of Harrisburg Pennsylvania on Interstate 81 continue to be problematic. I’ll drive straight through from the Harrisburg PA area to northern New York.

After the rain this evening I got some of the outside moving preparation tasks completed. A four night stay is right in the sweet spot of difficult lengths of stay. It is just long enough that extra things come out of their storage places to be used, but not so long that they have time to get put away. I end up having more to do getting ready than a single night stay or a stay of a week or more. Luckily, I don’t need to be on the road early.


Blossom of the Day.


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