Back in Florida

Sunday August 19th 2018

With only a little over one hundred and fifty miles to travel, I took a leasurely aproach to getting ready this morning. I pulled out of the campground fifteen minutes before check out time at 10:45. After a slow stop at the gas station near the on ramp to the interstate I was heading south a little after eleven.


Site 49 at the Stage Coach RV Park in St. Augustine Florida.

The trip across Georgia was uneventful with a medium amount of southbound traffic. The northbound side appeared a little heavier. I made the ritual stop at the Florid Welcome Center to get my swallow of fresh squeezed orange juice. It seems like the cup gets smaller every year. There were plenty of people taking advantage of the free sample and the stacks of tourist brochures. Overall I spent more than half an hour at the Welcome Center to delay may arrival in St. Augustine until after the 2PM check in time.

Since it was a Sunday I decided to drive through Jacksonville on Interstate 95. Normally I’d take the Interstate 295 beltway around the city to avoid the downtown area of Florida’s biggest city. I think additional lanes have been added to I-95 since I the last time I drove through the city. The last few times I’ve driven south I’ve taken the beltway on the east side. It’s a little shorter than the beltway to the west which used to be the only way around the city.

I arrived at the Stage Coach RV Park on the outskirts of St. Augustine just after 2PM. It was pure luck that I timed it so well. Getting setup was another sweating competition. The humidity won again. I was soaked by the time I finished setting up. I’ve been to this park several times since I hit the road. It is probably the nearest RV park to the mail service I use in Green Cove Springs. I’ll be here until Thursday.


Blossom of the day.


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