Six Hundred Miles of Five Minutes

Monday August 20th 2018

Shortly after I published my blog entry last night strong thunderstorms arrived in the area. It was very loud and bright for an hour or so, but it had a positive impact. The temperature dropped enough that the air conditioner didn’t need to cycle all night. This morning the sun brought the temperature back up and the air conditioner was back to full time duty. Once again the temperature peaked in the low nineties. The storms seem to have missed this area tonight.


Turkeys come for a visit in the campground.

Early this afternoon I completed the mission that lead me on a six hundred mile detour. I drove to the county tax collectors office and registered my motor home. It took all of five minutes. I registered at the reception area and got my call number. Before I even got seated in the waiting area my number was called. I didn’t have any problem completing the registration. The only suggestion the clerk had for why I couldn’t complete the task online was that there are two different Web sites. One is run by the state and the other by the county. I should have used the county site. Maybe, but …

I’m going to spend the next couple of days enjoying the area, before I retrace my path six hundred miles north. Then I will continue another six hundred plus miles into upstate New York. The good news is the campgrounds in Pennsylvania that were closed by flooding are reopening. This little detour is just part of the journey that is the Rambling Road trip. In a weird way I’ve enjoyed the travel with a mission. When I get back to Florida in November the temperature will be a little more conducive to tourist type things.

The entertainment at the campground this afternoon was a parade of turkeys. Early in the day I saw a large rafter of turkeys in the field behind the RV park. Later in the day four turkeys were wandering between the sites no obvious concern for the people and barking dogs around them. They looked like young males, but that’s just a guess.


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