Saturday August 18th 2018

After two days of driving today was a day of rest. At least it was a day without driving. The weather was a little better than yesterday. The temperature still reached the low nineties, but the humidity seemed a little lower. So far no thunderstorms have arrived, but the forecast still calls for them overnight.


There are at least three pairs of swans in this picture.

My great accomplishment for the day was the laundry. The facility here was OK and cost at $1.25 a load was good compared to some of the prices I’ve paid. It’s a good thing I got the laundry done. When I made reservations for my next stop in St. Augustine, I was warned the laundry and rest rooms are closed for reconstruction.




For today’s recreation I sat beside the pond and took pictures of all the wildlife. The species present range from alligators to mute swans. The gators were only visible swimming on the far side of the pond, but the warning signs were all around the water. On my side of the pond the turtles were the only animal poking it’s head out of the water.




Lunch time.


You go that way and I’ll go this way.

The birds were the big attraction in the pond. There are several pairs of mute swans in the pond. I understand these birds are usually populated in an area by man and are considered by many to be an invasive species. All of the birds in this pond could easily be the offspring of a single pair brought in to control the Canadian Geese population. I don’t really know how they got here or how much damage they might be doing to the environment, I just think they are pretty birds. I took far too many pictures of the swans and I’m including a lot in this blog post.


The Swans were leaving this guy alone.



An interesting pair of ducks. So far I haven’t figured out what variety.

Tomorrow I’m back to driving. I have a little over one hundred and fifty miles to St. Augustine. Most of it is easy driving. The only difficulty is deciding if I go through Jacksonville, around it to the west or around to the east. Since it will be a Sunday, I’ll probably go through the city.


Blossom of the day.

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