Exploring the Charlottesville VA Area

Wednesday August 15th 2018

Yesterday’s slow start resulted in a late night. The late night caused another slow start this morning. It is a vicious cycle that I’ll have to break with the alarm clock tomorrow morning. I need to get moving in the morning. It’s a travel day.


It was a sunny day with occasional cloud cover. Finding the sky through the trees can be a challenge.

After breakfast a little TV and some computer time, I left the campground to explore the area. This is a very rural area of central Virginia. The terrain is hilly with lots of trees. An occasional area of cleared forest is used for pasture land and farming. I’m about ten miles south of the City of Charlottesville home to the University of Virginia.

Charlottesville has been here since the 1760s. It is located on a line from Williamsburg through Richmond on to the Shenandoah valley on the other side of the blue ridge mountains. I’m not sure the specific reason for this location, but it attracted several early United States of America presidents. Thomas Jefferson established Monticello just outside the city in the early 1770s. Highland, president James Monroe’s home is not far away from Jefferson’s. President Madison’s home, Montpelier, is on the north side of town.

When I left the RV I had an intention of visiting Jefferson’s home at Monticello. I’ve visited it before and enjoyed the experience. I drove up into the hills along the twisty narrow road thinking about the people of colonial times navigating up the hill on horseback or carriage. The parking lot for Monticello is not at the house. You still need to catch a shuttle up to the top of the hill after buying your ticket. The parking lot was very full. There were easily over a hundred cars. I was almost out of the one way lot before I started seeing empty spaces. It was enough to tip my vacillation about visiting over the negative edge. I still remember my first visit well. Why confuse those memories with a hurried visit with hundreds of other people.

I returned to the campground to find it much busier than last night. There seem to be more people here than on Monday night. I inquired this morning about extending my stay here. I would have had to move to a different site so I chose to move on tomorrow as planned.


A little flying color lands on the gravel of my campsite.


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