A Lazy Day at Home

Tuesday August 14th 2018

The humidity was way down today and the rain was nowhere to be seen. It was a nice day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. Today I’m going to blame the nice weather for making it a slow day activity wise.


Today’s flowering tree blossom.

My campsite is in the woods on the northwest side of a hill. The sunshine didn’t reach the ground in this location very quickly. When combined with the lower humidity and the quite location, I didn’t wake up until after nine this morning. It was cool enough that the air conditioner wasn’t even cycling until much later in the day. I lingered over breakfast, lingered in the shower then plopped down in front of the TV. It surely was a slow day.

The school kids in the area don’t have any such luxury. Today is the first day of school. I guess this is the normal time for the area, but I grew up in an area and an era that the first day of school was in the week after labor day. The start of the school year means fall. I’m OK with an early fall as long as winter doesn’t come early too.

Right now the extra wet July and August in this part of the country is causing travel issues. I’ve been delaying moving north into the Pennsylvania and New York areas because of the rain caused flooding. Two of the campgrounds I would normally stay at are closed because of flooding. My next reservation is two weeks from today on Lake Ontario in New York. I’m not sure where I’m going to be after I leave here on Thursday. I’m keeping my immediate options open until I understand the whole two week period.

I took one walk around the campground today. There were a lot of overnighters in the park last night. Tonight there seem to be fewer sites occupied. During the day most of the occupants were long term, but there were a few sites occupied by people like me, here for a few days. As an older park in a wooded area the roads are narrow and twisty. You can see signs that the park has been reconfigured to create bigger sites with a little better access. They’re trying, but this is still a challenging park for big rigs.


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