Travel Day in the “Wrong” Direction

Thursday August 16th 2018

Today was a travel day. It was also a return to humid weather. The temperature started in the seventies and peaked in the low nineties. These are not comfortable conditions for the outside work associated with breaking camp and setting up at the other end. I did a lot of sweating and water drinking.


Site 37 at the Fayetteville RV Resort.

Tonight I’m in Wade North Carolina just north of Fayetteville. For those keeping track of my travels you’ll realize this is in the wrong direction. I’ve been heading steadily north over the last few weeks. I still plan on spending the fall in the Northeast. I’m just taking a week and a half detour before I start my northern reservations.

This wasn’t part of the plan until yesterday. I was having two little problems that came together and made the decision easy. The first little problem was finding a place to stay this weekend. Between the rain based problems in Maryland and Pennsylvania and the tourist draw of the Shenandoah, the best place I found wanted over $80 a night. I would have paid it if not for the other issue.

I need to renew the registrations on my vehicles this month. There are two options for renewing from out of state; by mail and by Internet. I assumed I’d use the internet, so I didn’t send in the paper work in July. When I tried to use the internet, I could only renew one of the vehicles. I haven’t gotten an answer, that makes any sense, on why this is the case. My options are to keep trying to get someone to fix the self service web site, doing it by mail and missing the deadline or going to the Tax Collectors office in Florida in person.

I’ve decided to go to Florida. My next reservation in northern New York starts on the twenty eight of August, so I have plenty of time. If I had real plans between now and then, I’d probably take a chance on the mail. With the available time, going to Florida is the low risk approach. If there is a real issue, I can address it directly.

I traveled about 275 miles south today. Tomorrow I’ll travel another 280 miles to the Savannah GA area for the weekend. Sunday I’ll move down to Northern Florida. I’ll probably stay in St. Augustine, but I haven’t made that reservation yet. On Monday I’ll get the registration renewal completed. I’ll probably head north on Thursday.


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