Travel Day to the Charlottesville Virginia Area

Monday August 13th 2018

Today turned out to be a routine travel day, but I started the day with a strong sense of foreboding. Consequently, I took extra time getting ready for travel. I checked many things an extra time or two before moving on to the next task. Perhaps it was last nights rain preventing me from getting a deep sleep that caused my anxiety this morning.


Site 38 at the Charlottesville KOA.

I got underway between ten thirty and eleven on my one hundred and twenty five mile drive northwest to the Charlottesville area. I bypassed Richmond on the north side, but stayed on Interstate 64 the rest of the way. Traffic wasn’t bad and the road conditions were better than some I’ve been on recently. After a stop at rest area to kill some time and have a bite to eat I arrived at my destination shortly after the 1PM check-in time.

Similar to my last stop, this is an older campground about a mile and a half down a winding road. This campground is on the side of a hill that shelters the area from a strong cell signal. Once again I have very poor to no cell service at this campground. I at the mercy of the campgrounds WiFi for internet access. So far it seems to be slow, but OK. It is interesting that I’m having more trouble getting good cell service this summer in the east than I had last year in the west. The difference is that the campgrounds I stayed at last summer were near the scattered population centers in the wide open west. The phone companies have made an effort to serve the population centers of the west and take advantage of the high ground for cell towers. In the east people live everywhere and campgrounds are squeezed in wherever they can find some open land. The cell service providers need far more towers to cover all of the people and the hills and valleys don’t help the coverage. I’ve long planned to get a cell phone amplifier, maybe the last week of poor service will kick me into gear.

I’ll be here at the Charlottesville KOA for three nights. I thought I’d stayed here about twenty years ago, but there is nothing about this place that is familiar. Now I have no idea where I stayed when I visited the Thomas Jefferson home at Monticello. I have pictures to remind me of Monticello, so it will be interesting to see what has changed when I tour the home while I’m here.


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