Waiting for the Rain

Sunday August 12th 2018

Today’s weather forecast was for rain early and rain late with OK weather in between. It didn’t turn out that way. There was no rain this morning just scattered clouds. It remained that way for most of the day, but rain was still in the forecast. Severe weather warnings for this area went up around 5:30 and the storms arrived about an hour later. It has been raining since then.


The clouds were drifting by all day.

Early this afternoon I went in search of groceries. Wtih the help of Google, I knew where the Walmart was located, but stores are not easy to find in this area. Either to meet zoning laws or some other covenant stores are set back from the road. They don’t have prominent signs on the side of the road and they often seem to be screened by trees. Even with the help of Google, I passed the first entrance before I knew I was beside the store.

The aisles of this Walmart were filled with employees filling orders for pickup. They wander up and down the aisles with big rolling shelves filled with blue buckets to fill customers orders. These shelve units are taller and wider than the grocery carts. When more than one is in an area, a real traffic jam happens. I think they also wipe out the stock on the shelves faster than normal shoppers.

Back at camp later this afternoon I started working on the outdoor tasks for tomorrows travel day. I put the gas grill away and loaded the bicycle on the back of the SUV. All that’s left for tomorrow is dumping the tanks and disconnecting the utilities. Inside, the dishes are done a few things have been put away. I’m only going a little over one hundred and twenty five miles, so an early departure isn’t necessary. Hopefully the Interstate will not be as packed as today. When I crossed over Interstate 64 the north bound side was only crawling along. I suspect it’s Virginia Beach weekenders heading back to Richmond and beyond.

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