A Do Nothing Kind of Day

Saturday August 11th 2018

I woke to the sound of rain on the roof this morning. It was very cloudy with a little rain during the morning. In the afternoon the sun broke through for an hour or so only to be replaced by thunderstorms and more rain. It has rained off and on all evening. Flash floods warnings are out for the counties south of here.


After four straight days of touring, my plan for today was to do chores around the RV. The gloomy weather turned that plan into a real do nothing kind of day. In this case nothing was reading, watching TV and a walk around the campground during the dry part of the day. I had a hard time finding anything to take pictures of to add to this blog entry. The park has very few flowers and the wildlife seem to be hiding from the weather.

The campground really filled up this weekend. It was about half full most of the week. The downside is that the campgrounds internet connection really slowed down. Most of the time when that happens I switch to my cellular data internet connection. Here that isn’t an option. The Verizon cell services is pretty bad. The best reported coverage I’ve seen according to the “bars” meter is two bars. Most of the time I’m only seeing one bar. I’ve had a couple of calls go to voice mail that never even rang the phone.

The bad internet connection made publishing my blog entry last night difficult. Getting the pictures uploaded and linked into the text took several attempts. I actually had the blog entry ready early, but didn’t get it published until the contention for the internet access slowed down late in the evening. Conditions seem a little better tonight, but I won’t be sure until I get ready to publish.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to today. Today’s chores become tomorrow’s chores, and I also have the day before travel chores to do. Hopefully, the gloomy weather doesn’t neutralize my energy tomorrow.


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