Slow Day in Front of the TV

Sunday August 5th 2018

Today was a slow day, so be warned that this blog entry doesn’t have a lot of meat. The day began sunny and humid. Around four the sky darkened, the wind blew and a little rain fell on the roof. There was a severe thunderstorm warning in the area, but it didn’t pass over this location. The sun was back out before night arrived.


Most of my day was spent watching TV. The NASCAR race from Watkins Glen New York was a fun race to watch. Chase Elliot got his first win holding off the competition from Martin Truex Jr. over the last few laps on the road course. NASCAR needs a new young star. This evening the TV watching continues with the Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball game. I just need to tune out the pro Yankee broadcast crew.

In the late morning I went out for groceries. The store is located one exit north on Interstate 95. The congestion on the highway kept the speed down to between 20 and 40 miles per hour. The volume of cars on the road was the cause. There wasn’t any accident or construction in the area. The return trip was similarly slow. I saw similar slow downs in this area at the rush hour during the week. I guess the traffic planners will have to start looking at expanding the three lanes in each direction to four or more.

The grocery shopping was only marginally successful. There seemed to be many empty spaces on the shelves and the meat displays were particularly bad even by Walmart standards. I’ll have to find a mainline grocery store after I move tomorrow to get some to replenish my stocks. I cooked some chicken thighs from the freezer for dinner today.

I only have sixty miles to travel tomorrow, so I don’t plan to leave here until the 11am checkout time. The outside prep for travel tasks that I usually do the day before travel still need to be completed. The potential thunderstorm arrived just as I was getting ready to go out and work on them. Once I hit the road I’ll need to fill the gas tank. The best place is a few miles in the wrong direction, so I may use that as a way of taking longer to get to my destination which has a check-in time of 1PM.



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