Better Weather and a Change of Plan

Saturday August 4th 2018

It was a sunny day with average humidity for August in Virginia. The weather forecasters say the rainy pattern has broken. The next few days are advertised to by sunny with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. The area really needs a chance to dry out. Areas west of Richmond have been experiencing low area flooding for the last few days and a dam in the Lynchburg area is in danger of giving way.


Flower Blossoms of the day

I stirred the planning pot today. When I move on from here on Monday, I intended to head west for the Shenandoah Valley then north into Pennsylvania. With all the rain, Pennsylvania has a number of areas with flooding issues. I decided to delay my turn west into the Shenandoah valley for a week. Instead I’ll move east on Monday to Williamsburg VA. I need a colonial history lesson at Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

Being able to make this kind of a change in plans is the good thing about not making reservations well in advance. The down side of waiting to make reservations is not being able to get the locations you want. I’m experiencing some of that going forward. I’m having a hard time finding reservations for the weekends in August as I move north. Sunday night through Thursday night are not a problem. Chances are I’m going to be in some expensive less desirable places on the third and forth weekends of the month. After Williamsburg my next reservation longer than a week is over Labor day weekend in northern New York.

Today was mostly a day of rest. Other than a brief run to the convenience store near the highway for a loaf of bread, I spent the day watching TV and wandering around the RV park. The sports on TV were entertaining as was the activity in the full RV park. Tomorrow I’ll do some real grocery shopping.

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