Travel Day to Williamsburg VA

Monday August 6th 2018

It was a hot and humid day. The temperature peaked in the low 90s. These were all the wrong ingredients for a travel day. Getting packed up for travel was bad, but setting up this afternoon was worst. By the time I was finished setting up at my new location I was dripping wet with sweat.


Site A49 at the Williamsburg KOA. I pulled well forward on the site to get the towed car off the road and align with the utilities. The result was the utility pole is kind of close.

I got on the road at 10:45 about fifteen minutes before checkout time. The first order of business was filling the gas tank. The gas gauge was pointing in the area of a quarter tank of gas. The gauge wasn’t lying. I put sixty gallons in the tank, which is right around three quarters of a tank. Unfortunately it was a quick stop. I didn’t have to wait behind anyone, so I didn’t stretch my travel time very much. Check in time at my destination was 1PM. I needed to stretch the hour and fifteen minutes travel time into two and a quarter hours. In the end I stopped at a very nice Rest Area and Visitor Information site just north of Williamsburg for an hour.

I’m at the Williamsburg KOA for the next week. It is showing signs of the last couple of weeks of rainy weather. The roads and gravel parts of the sites are fine, but the grass areas are very soggy. Walking on the grass causes water to come to the surface. About six this evening, mother nature added to the mess. A thunderstorm developed over the area and dumped heavy rain for close to an hour. There wasn’t much wind in this immediate area, but the power went out for about two hours. I didn’t see any lightening, but the sound of thunder was very loud. The campground is located in a low area surrounded by hills that served to concentrate the noise from the storm. The hills also block good cell phone service, so I couldn’t check the weather radar on my phone during the power outage. Once the power returned I could use the campgrounds Wifi.

I picked up a handful of brochures at the Visitors center on the highway. There is even more to do in this area than I knew. Tomorrow I’ll get started with some tourist activities.

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