Travel Day to Ashland VA

Wednesday August 1st 2018

The rain stayed to the west of my RV home overnight. Everything was dry while I finished preparations for today’s travel day. Watching the TV weather this evening, it sounds like the rain moved into the area after I got underway. My travel day was mostly dry. I drove through a few light showers, but not heavy enough to even warrant tuning on the windshield wipers.


Site E-25 at the Americamps RV Resort in Ashland VA.

I got on the road right at my planned time of 10AM. Traffic was light and I made good time going west to Interstate 95. The north bound traffic on I-95 was even light until I reached the Richmond VA area. I found the road surface on the Interstate 295 beltway around the east of Richmond in need of assistance. I don’t know what the economics of concrete road surfaces is compared to other road surfaces. I suspect they cost more to put in, but they may last longer. What I do know is that once they get a few years old they can be very uneven. A few places today had my RV bouncing as I transitioned from one piece of concrete to the next.

My location for the next five nights is the Americamps RV resort in Ashland VA. I arrived shortly after 2PM. The campground is located beside Interstate 95 just north of the intersection with the Interstate 295 beltway. I’ve stopped here many times over the years. Recently they’ve made a number of improvements to live up to the word “Resort” in their name. The park now has a fitness center, a new pool and serves a complementary waffle breakfast most mornings. Tomorrow they aren’t service breakfast, but a pizza party at 6pm.

It was in the mid eighties with high humidity and full sun when I arrived. The rain is forecast to return in the morning. My site was dry and level with good utility connections, but the heat made it difficult to setup. Sweat was dripping off of every piece of exposed skin and my shirt was soaked through by the time I finished the outside tasks. Once the air conditioning was on I toweled off and took a nap.

For the last year and a half I have used a feature of the Word Press hosting software to automatically cross post my blog to Facebook. That capability is being removed my Facebook. I am going to try and manually cross post to Facebook from now on. It may not look the same and I may miss a night now and then, so if your used to reading my blog on Facebook consider checking the main site at


Interesting take on a flower bed.


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